FAA Bulletin Update on Magneto Distributor for Lycoming Engines

Revised Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin NE-08-26R3 (SAIB) alerts you, owners, operators, and certificated repair facilities of Lycoming four, six, and eight cylinder reciprocating engines with a Teledyne Continental Motors (TCM) (formerly Bendix) Series D2000 and D3000 Dual Magneto (2 magnetos with a single drive), of the possibility for the magneto to separate from the engine. Several conditions identified could result in separation of the magneto from the engine, which will result in the loss of power. These engines can be identified by the letter “D” in the 4th or 5th character in the engine model’s suffix. This revision updates the Lycoming Service Instruction (SI) No. from 1508B to SI 1508C. All other information remains the same.

Most of the problems have occurred in Lycoming IO-360-A1B6D and IO-360-A3B6D engines installed on Mooney M20J-201 and Cessna 177RG airplanes, although the potential for magneto separation exists on any engine with a TCM Dual Magneto installed.

Partial Model list below:

AEIO-540-L1B5D, HIO-360-E1AD, HIO-360-E1BD, HIO-360-F1AD, IO-360-A1B6D, IO-360-A1D6D, IO-360-A3B6D, IO-360-A3D6D, IO-360-C1E6D, IO-360-J1A6D, IO-360-J1AD, IO-540-C4B5D, IO-540-C4D5D, IO-540-K1A5D, IO-540-K1B5D, IO-540-K1E5D, IO-540-K1F5D, IO-540-K1G5D, IO-540-K1J5D, IO-540-L1A5D, IO-540-L1B5D, IO-540-M1A5D, IO-540-M1B5D, IO-540-M2A5D, IO-540-T4A5D, IO-540-T4B5D, IO-540-T4C5D, IO-540-U1A5D, IO-540-U1B5D, IO-540-V4A5D, IO-540-W1A5D, IO-540-W3A5D, LHIO-360-F1AD, LO-360-A1G6D, LO-360-E1A6D, LO-360-E1AD, LO-360-E1BD, LO-360-E2AD, LO-360-E2BD, LTIO-540-F2BD, LTIO-540-J2BD, LTIO-540-K1AD, LTIO-540-N2BD, LTIO-540-R2AD, LTIO-540-V2AD, LTO-360, O-320-H1AD, O-320-H1BD, O-320-H2AD, O-320-H2BD, O-320-H3AD, O-320-H3BD, O-360-A1AD, O-360-A1F6D, O-360-A1G6D, O-360-A1LD, O-360-A3AD, O-360-A4AD, O-360-A5AD, O-360-E1A6D, O-360-E1AD, O-360-E1BD, O-360-E2AD, O-360-E2BD, O-540-H1A5D, O-540-H1B5D, O-540-H2A5D, O-540-H2B5D, O-540-J1A5D, O-540-J1B5D, O-540-J1C5D, O-540-J1D5D, O-540-J2A5D, O-540-J2B5D, O-540-J2C5D, O-540-J2D5D, O-540-J3A5D, O-540-J3C5D, O-540-L3C5D, TIGO-541, TIO-360, TIO-540-AA1AD, TIO-540-AB1AD, TIO-540-AB1BD, TIO-540-F2BD, TIO-540-J2BD, TIO-540-K1AD, TIO-540-N2BD, TIO-540-R2AD, TIO-540-S1AD, TIO-540-T2AD, TIO-540-V2AD, TO-360-A, TO-360-C, TO-360-E, TO-360-F, IO-720-A, IO-720-B, IO-720-C, IO-720-D, IO-720-D

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