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Lycoming Engines AD 2008-14-07 – Update sent by FAA

Friday, February 26th, 2010

This is an update from a previous issued AD 7/10/2008

AD 2008-14-07 Lycoming Engines see the following Models Link to AD

  • AEIO-320 -D1B, -D2B, -E1B, -E2B
  • AIO-320 -A1B, -BIB, -C1B
  • IO-320 -B1A, -B1C, -C1A, -D1A, -D1B, -E1A, -E1B, -E2A, -E2B
  • LIO-320 -B1A, -C1A
  • AEIO-360 -A1A, -A1B, -A1B6, -A1D, -A1E, -A1E6, -B1F, -B2F, -B1G6, -B1H, -B4A, -H1A,
  • AIO-360 -A1A, -A1B, -B1B
  • HIO-360 -A1A, -A1B, -B1A, -C1A, -C1B, -D1A, -E1AD, -E1BD, -F1AD, -G1A
  • IO-360 -A1A, -A1B, -A1B6, -A1B6D, -A1C, -A1D, -A1D6, -A2A, -A2B, -A3B6, -A3B6D,
    -B1B, -B1D, -B1E, -B1F, -B1G6, -B2F, -B2F6, -B4A, -C1A, -C1B, -C1C, -C1C6,
    -C1D6, -C1E6, -C1F, -C1G6, -C2G6, -F1A, -J1A6D, -M1B, -L2A, -M1A
  • IVO-360 -A1A
  • LIO-360 -C1E6
  • TIO-360 -A1B, -C1A6D
  • IGO-480 -A1B6
  • AEIO-540 -D4A5, -D4B5, -D4D5, -L1B5, -L1B5D, -L1D5
  • IGO-540 -B1A, -B1C
  • IO-540 -A1A5, -AA1A5, -AA1B5, -AB1A5, -AC1A5, -AE1A5, -B1A5, -B1C5, -C1B5, –
    C4B5, -C4D5D, -D4A5, -E1A5, -E1B5, -G1A5, -G1B5, -G1C5, -G1D5, -G1E5, –
    G1F5, -J4A5, -V4A5D, -K1A5, -K1A5D, -K1B5, -K1C5, -K1D5, -K1E5, -K1E5D,
    -K1F5, K1H5, -K1J5, -K1F5D, -K1G5, -K1G5D, -K1H5, -K1J5D, -K1K5, -K1E5,
    -K1E5D, -K1F5, -K1J5, -L1C5, -M1A5, -M1B5D, -M1C5, -N1A5, -P1A5, -R1A5,
    -S1A5, -T4A5D, -T4B5, -T4B5D, -T4C5D, -V4A5, -V4A5D, -W1A5, -W1A5D,
  • IVO-540 -A1A
  • LTIO-540 -F2BD, -J2B, -J2BD, -N2BD, -R2AD, -U2A, -V2AD, -W2A
  • TIO-540 -A1A, -A1B, -A2A, -A2B, -A2C, AE1A5, -AE2A, -AH1A, -AA1AD, -AF1A, –
    AF1B, -AG1A, -AB1AD, -AB1BD, -AH1A, -AJ1A, -AK1A, -C1A, -E1A, -G1A,
    -F2BD, -J2B, -J2BD, -N2BD, -R2AD, -S1AD, -U2A, -V2AD, -W2A
  • TIVO-540 -A2A
  • IO-720 -A1A, -A1B, -D1B, -D1BD, -D1C, -D1CD, -B1B, -B1BD, -C1B