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Operating Cost and Performance Data Updates

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Over the last several weeks we have been working diligently to add more operating cost data. This is a tedious and time consuming task and we are committing as much time as possible to this task. We have done our best to find the OEM parts when available and if it is not or it is obsolete we had used the closest replacement or STC part for the aircraft.

Many aircraft just don’t have parts for them anymore and the engine may just have to be rebuild by a mechanic and/or STC’d and replaced with something else so for those aircraft we generally will leave the status as updating, because it could be anyone’s guess as to what the actual replacement, overhaul or budget number should be on a 40-50 year old aircraft that has to have its engine rebuilt or overhauled as a ‘one time’ scenario. However, there are usually several other models that are similar to that ‘one plane’ that have the upgraded or STC’d engine, propeller or other parts and you can get a close estimate by reviewing or comparing those models.

Thanks again for using our site we hope it is useful and we hope to be finished by Jan 31, 2011. Happy New Year for! Start your search/comparison Click Here!