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Diamond Aircraft’s twin-engine DA42 NG Certified

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Diamond Aircraft’s twin-engine DA42 NG, their replacement aircraft for the diesel powered Thielert Aircraft since Thielert Aircraft Engines went bankrupt received FAA certification Friday and is approved for both IFR and FIKI (flight into known icing) operations. It has also received EASA VFR/IFR certification. The DA42 is powered by two 170 hp Austro AE-300 turbo-diesel engines.

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Diamond Press Release

Diamond DA42 NG

Diamond DA42 NG

Diamond Aircraft putting planes on Sale

Friday, April 18th, 2008

The following is a press release by Diamond Aircraft from April 18, 2008.

Diamond Aircraft and its distributors this week announced a unique opportunity to purchase a limited number of top-of-the-line 2007 DA40 XL aircraft at a special demonstrator price of $299,950, or 15% – $53,000 – off the $353,395 price for comparably equipped 2008 DA40 XLS aircraft.

Diamond DA40 XL







All DA40 XL aircraft come loaded with most factory options, including XM satellite weather, TAS active traffic, TAWS-B terrain awareness system and premium leather interior. Select 2007 demonstrator aircraft are now being released to the public. With only 50 -150 hours on the airframe, these aircraft have been professionally maintained and flown by Diamond sales people, and come with a full two years of airframe warranty, as well as a 2-year, 250 hour Premium Care pre-paid maintenance program.

“The DA40 XL has been our best-selling aircraft for the last several years. With its industry-leading safety record, unparalleled visibility, and wonderful handling, it has become the first choice aircraft for many pilots who both want to advance their ratings, and do some serious traveling,” explains Errol Bader, at USAERO, the Diamond distributor for the south-western US. “We typically fly our demos for about 8-10 months and then replace them. These aircraft have low hours, are maintained by Diamond factory authorized service centers, and represent an incredible value.”

Company demonstrator aircraft count as new aircraft under tax rules, and are eligible for the special 2008 tax treatment, including 50% bonus depreciation and Section 179 expensing election. Qualifying buyers can write off up to $279,970, or 93% of the purchase price of the aircraft.

To find out more, visit Diamond’s Website