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Eclipse to offer new jet Eclipse 400

Friday, May 30th, 2008

Eclipse Aviation now a 10 year old company announced today that they will be offering the new, ‘V’ tail jet they previewed at Airventure 2007 as the Eclipse 400.  They plan to have the jet in production and make deliveries by 2011. (Read Press Release)

Eclipse has now delivered over 200 of it’s 500 model jet and has back orders for 2,600 more.  They also announced…choose your press release words wisely…”a price change”; translated price increase for that jet bringing the total cost of it up to over $2.15 million.  Ahhh I remember when it was on 837,500 only a few short years ago.  Thanks oil prices for killing the dollar and driving up our prices!  Well the plane is still a great value at it’s new price even when compared to many twin turbo props and considerably better when compared to its other VLJ competitors.