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NTSB Shows Aviation Fatalities Lowest in 40 Years

Monday, April 21st, 2008

The National Transportation Safety Board released its preliminary aviation accident statistics for 2007.  The number of GA fatalities decreased by 30 percent; 703 fatalities were reported in 2006 compared to 491 last year, marking the lowest annual total in more than 40 years.

Based on fewer than 10 seats, no fatalities occurred on FAR Part 135 commuter aircraft. As for on-demand air charter–air taxis, air tours and medical services [when a patient is on board]–135 operations reported 43 fatalities, comprised of 62 accidents and 14 fatal accidents, up from 16 fatalities reported in 2006.

The NTSB said that in 2007, based on aircraft with 10 or more seats, there were 24 nonfatal accidents involving FAR Part 121 airlines.  Foreign registered aircraft accounted for 11 accidents in the United Sates in 2007, with three fatalities from a single fatal accident. Fourteen accidents involved unregistered aircraft; six were fatal and resulted in seven fatalities.

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Older, Not bolder make good pilots

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

Well the saying goes, there are old pilots and bold pilots, but no old bold pilots.  Well older pilots may be better though not all the current FAA data supports that or at least they should be.  Please reference earlier post regarding higher retirement age for pilots. 

Definitely we here at we think the gray doesn’t necessarily mean your flying days are over and until recent years of the dot com boom and the not so recent past of mortgage and real estate boom most of the people who could coordinate the time + money equation were usually older.  They had built their businesses, raised they’re family’s and now had the time and money to enjoy it.

Such results possibly in the past or even now could put an unfair light on accident data according to age.  I mean potentially an older pilot may not have much time overall or in the type of plane he or she just built or bought, so that could tend to skew the numbers. 

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