Commerial Airline Pilot Age Increase

Well it’s nice when government goes our way! We all know, young and old alike that there is nothing magic about 60 and certainly many people are healthy, happy and strong way past 65, but at least now experience and desire can align for those pilots wishing to stay employed until the “traditional retirement age” of 65 when they can apply for full social security.

Flying is about good decision making, not just reflexes!  The balance of the two can make for a good pilot regardless of the age.  As the saying goes an ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure. So a seasoned pilot with good habits and decision making ability is definitely who I want in my cockpit, not the daring young lad who is willing to test the limits of the plane we are flying with albeit faster reflexes, but not such good planning and decision making abilities.  Read More

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One Response to “Commerial Airline Pilot Age Increase”

  1. […] Well the saying goes, there are old pilots and bold pilots, but no old bold pilots.  Well older pilots may be better though not all the current FAA data supports that or at least they should be.  Please reference earlier post regarding higher retirement age for pilots.  […]