Adam Aircraft struggling to come back to life…

An agreement has been reached to have the assets of Adam Aircraft purchased by a new company and to reopen and operate it under new ownership, support the A500 inline twin engine airplane and continue the certification process of the A700 VLJ.  The proposed purchase must still be approved by the court in a hearing set for Wednesday, April 9, 2008. 

In the past many aircraft manufacturers have struggled to survive.  As Howard Hughes once said

“the only way to make a small fortune in aviation is to begin with a large fortune!” 

Mooney although plagued many times over the last 30+ years with cash flow issue has been able to find new buyers and make it through bankruptcy and stay around to support its past aircraft and excel in producing a strong product for the 21st century.  Others such as Beechcraft, Columbia Aircraft, Piper have had struggles of their own and made it through the trying economic times and years of aviation “issue”. 

Good luck to Adam Aircraft, hope they can be a success story too.

Denver Post Article

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