AD on 2nd stage low-pressure turbine blades for Honeywell Engines

Emergency airworthiness directive (AD) 2014-12-52 is sent to owners and operators of Honeywell International Inc. (Type Certificate previously held by AlliedSignal Inc., Garrett Turbine Engine Company) TFE731-4, -4R, -5AR, -5BR, -5R, -20R, -20AR, -20BR, -40, -40AR, -40R, -40BR, -50R, and -60 turbofan engines. This emergency AD was prompted by reports of 2nd stage low-pressure turbine (LPT2) blade separations. Analysis indicates the presence of casting anomalies at or near the root of the LPT2 blade. This condition, if not corrected, could result in LPT2 blade failure, multiple engine in-flight shutdowns, and damage to the airplane. pdf icon 2014-12-52_Emergency.pdf

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