Radio Operators License for International Flight

So I have a potential opportunity to fly out of the United States and that brings with it the need for a radio operators license from the FCC. Once a requirement of pilots in the United States to operate radio from airplanes, but with a law change in 1996 no longer necessary in the United States.

However it is a requirement when flying outside of the U.S. borders. From what I understand it may not be rigorously enforced, but if I happen to be flying in Mexico or someplace else the last thing I want is a reason for them to be able to jail me or extract extra money from me so better to abide by the law than be sorry!

  • Who is required to be licensed Link
  • Obtaining a License Link
  • The license you really need Link and according to the FCC you don’t have to submit proof of passing or taking a test (because you are a pilot ONLY KIDDING -I added that part to make myself feel better), but you don’t have to test see the site.
  • Here’s the forms you gotta fill out: Submit FCC Form 605. There is no proof of passing certificate requirement for an RR. Use the FCC Form 605 and the FCC Form 159 (fee processing form).
  • And here is the link you really want and the only reason why you came to this post in the first place, the link to go online and file the appropriate forms! Sorry it took me forever to get to it I was working my way through the knowledge as I posted! Online Apply Link

Other FYI:

  • Other commercial licenses and fees – link
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