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Comparing A380 seat configurations (the way flying should be)

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Comparing Airbus A380’s interiors from LA Times Article


<i/>First class<br />
Korean Air’s A380 accommodates 12 passengers in first class. Seats are over six and a half feet long and over two feet wide. The viewing monitors in this class are 23-inches, and each passenger has access to a BOSE headset.” width=”278″ height=”240″ /><p class=Korean Air First Class Seat/Bed


Audio and Transcripts from US Airways 1549

Friday, February 6th, 2009

The audio and transcript from the US Airways Flight 1549 was released.  See below or links to listen and read.

Audio on FAA website

See Where the Ball is, that is where on the recording 1549 comes on

See Where the Ball is, that is where on the recording 1549 comes on

All recordings and transripts

AD Logs at start in 2009

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

In an effort to keep the pilot community up to date about the latest in aircraft information we will do our best to efforts to update you here as to newly issued AD’s (Airworthiness Directives) for the following:

General Aviation Aircraft, Helicopters, Experimental Aircraft, Light Sport Aircraft and other Certified Aircraft including engines and propellers.

We are working to accurately get this feed from the FAA and hope to have it be beneficial to the pilot and aircraft owner/management community.  Please give us your feedback as we roll this out during January of 2009 and forward.

Could the bailout hurt avaition?

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

In case you didn’t know one of the proposals in the auto bailout bill is well meaning, yet could be damaging to aviation.

I understand that punishing the car makers or anyone else on private air travel makes for good press, but in reality is stupid! I mean you can’t legislate good sense. Laws are there for people to protect people who will abide them and generally, people do abide by them; however many an idiot has died while obeying a law.

The problem is not private air travel or even the ownership of a private plane. The problem is not even specifically that they flew them to the meeting in the first place. No, no, no the problem is they don’t have enough good sense to realize that an airplane like many other things in business can be used as a tool, a time saver, and many other things, but if it doesn’t make good economic sense or fit in your budget then you don’t do it!

I mean all the other small business people who own aircraft realize when you don’t have the money or it doesn’t fit in the budget you don’t fly your plane. I mean to spend $30,000 for convenience when some inconvenience for $300 makes a lot more sense and fits the budget that’s what you do! Is it really too much to ask people to make a budget and be a good manager of the shareholders investment? If it is then like the “bailout” this will be good intentions legislated that can or will likely cause more harm and be harder to undo than a simply saying get it together or we will get someone who can!

Just please don’t make that next person someone from the government!