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Adam A500 – what’s an owner to do?

Monday, August 25th, 2008

What do you do when the company that built your plane goes bankrupt and no one really seems to care?  Well the 5 owners of Adam A500 airplanes are finding out.  Although bankruptcy of aircraft manufacturers is not new the approach due to liability issues and the way they are handled is not always very “owner friendly”. 

Here is my post in response to a Denver Post Article.

“Regardless of the past owner/operator shady or not one would think the new owner would care about Public Relations. I mean I understand not wanting liability, but they did by the right to manufacture the A500 although they may not be choosing to persue it right now, because they apparently would have to spend some money to “recertify it”.

The opportunity to build some relationships with people who have spent and have the ability to spend $1 million dollars for a plane is something. I mean who do they think the market would be for the jet possibly the same people?

It is not like bankruptcy and failures are new to the aviaition industry, just look at all the various models out there that have been in and out of business several times or existed as a result of loyal owners reference Mooney, Aerostar and Commander to name a few.

There has to be some solution to at least make the specs and parts available to these owners. There have to be some partially built planes that could be used and a way to help these guys out. I mean I am sure they would bear the expense if they could just fly their “million dollar display piece”.

FAA come on lets work for a solution to let the guys fly vs be forced with a “De Lorean of the air” at least people found a way to make parts for those!”


Airplanes & Lawsuits

Monday, April 14th, 2008

Not words that I like in the same sentence…Lawsuits and Airplanes.

I found an article this week written about a very unfortunate plane crash (all crashes are) involving a Piper Malibu.  It claimed the life of 4 people on April 11, 2008 in Alberta, Canada.  The article went on to describe the fact that a father and son had both died in plane crashes within 5 months of one another in different kinds of planes, one weather related and one yet to be determined.

The crash and the cause are not the most disturbing part, unfortunately!   The fact that the article was on a ‘legal site’ that had a place to sign up for lawyers wanting to sue in airplane crash cases is what really disturbs me.   The article goes on to mention Piper Aircraft’s 1991 bankruptcy filing and infer that that the Malibu and any crashes by that type of plane over the years could be related. 

If there are points to consider for safety of flying Malibu’s I would like to hear those to consider and make judgement (usually done by FAA and NTSB) a couple of government agency’s that have done a pretty good job erring on the side of safety for users of aviation products, but to make inferences and suggestions and then offer advertising for attorney’s who want to sue or find clients from aircraft crash cases really adds a biased slant.

Older, Not bolder make good pilots

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

Well the saying goes, there are old pilots and bold pilots, but no old bold pilots.  Well older pilots may be better though not all the current FAA data supports that or at least they should be.  Please reference earlier post regarding higher retirement age for pilots. 

Definitely we here at we think the gray doesn’t necessarily mean your flying days are over and until recent years of the dot com boom and the not so recent past of mortgage and real estate boom most of the people who could coordinate the time + money equation were usually older.  They had built their businesses, raised they’re family’s and now had the time and money to enjoy it.

Such results possibly in the past or even now could put an unfair light on accident data according to age.  I mean potentially an older pilot may not have much time overall or in the type of plane he or she just built or bought, so that could tend to skew the numbers. 

Article Citing Pilot Health Issues doesn’t even touch the subject

Article by Pittsburg Tribune studying the same results in their area