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Bonanza goes to Beijing as a Chinese company buys the parent company of the iconic Bonanza

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Hawker Beechcraft announced Monday that it had reached a $1.79 billion “exclusivity agreement” with a Chinese aerospace manufacturer for the sale of its business jet and general aviation operations. The deal would keep jobs in the US and Kansas the home of Beechcraft yet give a piece of history and a deep piece of American Aviation history to another country. Read the rest of the story in USA Today

Comparing A380 seat configurations (the way flying should be)

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Comparing Airbus A380’s interiors from LA Times Article


<i/>First class<br />
Korean Air’s A380 accommodates 12 passengers in first class. Seats are over six and a half feet long and over two feet wide. The viewing monitors in this class are 23-inches, and each passenger has access to a BOSE headset.” width=”278″ height=”240″ /><p class=Korean Air First Class Seat/Bed


The battle for Santa Monica Airspace Continues

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

There has been an on going battle to handicap or diminish operations at the Santa Monica Airport for several years now and the latest dig is the denial of two flight school applications at the airport citing “particularly intense environmental impacts” the schools would have had.

The denials went against a recommendation from Airport Director Bob Trimborn but was in keeping with guidance from the Airport Commission, which last month voted 3-1, with one abstention, to urge denial of the applications, but were in keeping of the past ‘guidance’ of the board to stifle operations at the airport. Read the story

Here is some of the back story from a previous post Read it

Time to Buy a New Plane and Expense 100% of it!

Monday, December 20th, 2010

The provision in the tax law just passed by congress has the “100% expensing” policy, which allows businesses in 2011 to fully write off “productive capital investments” such as delivery trucks, machines and aircraft rather than depreciate the cost over a period of years.  Welcome to that new plane you had your eye on or that new GPS and/or flight director!

“The expensing provision will encourage sales of airplanes, engines and avionics in a market that continues to experience a very slow recovery,” says Pete Bunce, CEO of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association.

With the immediate write-off, firms will have lower taxable income and more money to spend. A Treasury Department analysis estimates 2 million companies will take advantage of it. Full Story from USA Today

SimCom Recives FAA approval on Eclipse Trainer

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Eclipse Aerospace, in conjunction with SimCom Training Centers, announced yesterday that the FAA has awarded Level D certification of the EA500 full motion simulators located in Orlando, Fla.

SimCom and Eclipse Aerospace, Inc. initially announced the strategic partnership to provide pilot training for EA500 owners and operators earlier in the year. The agreement established SimCom as the exclusive provider of factory authorized simulator based training for Eclipse.

Eclipse Jet

Eclipse Jet

Eclipse Aerospace for more info