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Want to bring the plane home…?

Saturday, July 12th, 2008

Looking to fill that ‘keep your plane in your garage’ urge, will if you live in Australia or your “little plane” will make the hop then the Whitsunday Aviation Village in Australia maybe you ticket, but you better hurry. 

After several years of planning and red tape the Airport/Community is planned for May 2009 and the lots are selling quick!  Not only can you park your plane in the garage, but you reportedly may have John Travolta among other rich and famous as your neighbors.

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Chicago Hates General Aviation? Say it isn’t so…

Friday, May 30th, 2008

Well Chicago is at it again, several years after Mayor Daley lost his fight to close Meigs Field (2001) and he came in the middle of the night and destroyed it (along with Senator Obamas wife) in 2003, then got sued by the FAA and the city had to pay up, Chicago is now showing no love again for GA. 

The Chicago Tribune is attacking General Aviation touting user fees. Thanks to our friends at AOPA and Phil Boyer we are getting our side heard.  We already lost a beautiful and very convenient airport for General Aviation what more do we need…

Japanese Find New Use for Old Radars

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

The airport in Osaka Japan has transformed several of its old radars into video games and educational tools for kids.  On one of them has a live feed of planes at the airport.  Put the new park on your list of places to see when you visit Japan that’s why I blogged it.

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FAA & Santa Monica Airport will fight it in court

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Santa Monica airport passed a city ordinance under the “protect the safety of our citizens” montra not allowing larger jets to take off or land at it’s airport.  The FAA is now taking the city to court stating they do not have the authority to make nor inforce the ban limiting planes with an approach speed of more than 136 mph from using the airport.  Read the LA Times story 

These planes account for 9,000 landings and departures a year at the airport, which could translate into quite a bit of lost revenue for the city and airport businesses.

Fuel Prices keeping you grounded?

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Well the unfortunate rising cost of oil prices affects not only your morning commute, but possibly your wings too!  Here is a story (link to Story - see video) about a Connecticut Flying school feeling the crunch of fuel price hikes. 

The otherside to the story is I crunched the numbers last summer on driving my wifes Yukon on vacation to Destin, Florida from Dallas, TX with her, the kids and me.  Time wise for the 766 mile juant with fuel stops, kids stops (they’re small and the DVD only lasts so long, you understand) about 13 hours average M.P.G. is a stunning 13 on the Highway so that puts us at 59 gals @ $3.35/gal for 87 octane and we are at $197.65 and did I mention 13 hours. 

With a rental of a 172 @ 110 kts ($109/block) and fuel averaging $5.00/gal that cuts the time from 13 hours to 5 hours and 12 min respectively.  Well $1090 round trip vs $400 round trip is a big difference, but you get to log the time, show the family some cool sights from the air instead of dwelling on those lousy Louisana roads for 4 hours and you get at least an extra day on the beach…priceless!

However, if you own your own plane you can cut that $1090 in about half and well $500 worth of flying in 5.5 hours or less vs 13 hours + in the car and high gas prices all of a sudden make flying your own plane comparable with the cost of driving.  If you are a pilot or aviation lover you probably don’t need the justification, but hey it may help with the better half or justifying it in your business, with a little pleasure use too. 

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