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Water contamination of fuel tank systems on Cessna single engine airplanes

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Link to AD CE-10R1

Related AD is CE-10-40 here is that link
AD CE-10-40R1 applies to  the following aircraft

Cessna 120
Cessna 140
Cessna 140A
Cessna 150
Cessna 150A
Cessna 150B
Cessna 150C
Cessna 150D
Cessna 150E
Cessna 150F
Cessna 150G
Cessna 150H
Cessna 150J
Cessna 150K
Cessna 150L
Cessna 150M
Cessna 152
Cessna 170
Cessna 170A
Cessna 170B
Cessna 172
Cessna 172A
Cessna 172B
Cessna 172C
Cessna 172D
Cessna 172E
Cessna 172F…
Cessna 172G
Cessna 172H …
Cessna 172I
Cessna 172K
Cessna 172L
Cessna 172M
Cessna 172N
Cessna 172P
Cessna 172Q
Cessna 172R
Cessna 172RG
Cessna 172S
Cessna 175
Cessna 175A
Cessna 175B
Cessna 175C
Cessna 177
Cessna 177A
Cessna 177B
Cessna 177RG
Cessna 180
Cessna 180A
Cessna 180B
Cessna 180C
Cessna 180D
Cessna 180E
Cessna 180F
Cessna 180G
Cessna 180H
Cessna 180J
Cessna 180K
Cessna 182
Cessna 182A
Cessna 182B
Cessna 182C
Cessna 182D
Cessna 182E
Cessna 182F
Cessna 182G
Cessna 182H
Cessna 182J
Cessna 182K
Cessna 182L
Cessna 182M
Cessna 182N
Cessna 182P
Cessna 182Q
Cessna 182R
Cessna 182S
Cessna 182T
Cessna 185
Cessna 185A
Cessna 185B
Cessna 185C
Cessna 185D
Cessna 185E
Cessna 188
Cessna 188A
Cessna 188B
Cessna 190
Cessna 195
Cessna 195A
Cessna 195B
Cessna 206
Cessna 206H
Cessna 207
Cessna 207A
Cessna 208
Cessna 208B
Cessna 210
Cessna 210-5
Cessna 210-5A
Cessna 210A
Cessna 210B
Cessna 210C
Cessna 210D
Cessna 210E
Cessna 210F
Cessna 210G
Cessna 210H
Cessna 210J
Cessna 210K
Cessna 210L
Cessna 210M
Cessna 210N
Cessna 210R
Cessna 310
Cessna 310A
Cessna 310B
Cessna 310C
Cessna 310D
Cessna 310E
Cessna 310F
Cessna 310G
Cessna 310H
Cessna 310I
Cessna 310J
Cessna 310J-1
Cessna 310K
Cessna 310L
Cessna 310N
Cessna 310P
Cessna 310Q
Cessna 310R
Cessna 320
Cessna 320-1
Cessna 320A
Cessna 320B
Cessna 320C
Cessna 320D
Cessna 320E
Cessna 320F
Cessna 321
Cessna 335
Cessna 336
Cessna 337
Cessna 337A
Cessna 337B
Cessna 337C
Cessna 337D
Cessna 337E
Cessna 337F
Cessna 337G
Cessna 337H
Cessna 340
Cessna 340A
Cessna A150K
Cessna A150L
Cessna A150M
Cessna A152
Cessna A185E
Cessna A185F
Cessna A188
Cessna A188A
Cessna A188B
Cessna C-145
Cessna C-165
Cessna E310H
Cessna E310J
Cessna F150F
Cessna F150G
Cessna F150H
Cessna F150J
Cessna F150K
Cessna F150L
Cessna F150M
Cessna F152
Cessna F172D
Cessna F172E
Cessna F172F
Cessna F172G
Cessna F172H
Cessna F172K
Cessna F172L
Cessna F172M
Cessna F172N
Cessna F172P
Cessna F177RG
Cessna F182P
Cessna F182Q
Cessna F337E
Cessna F337F
Cessna F337G
Cessna F337H
Cessna FA150K
Cessna FA150L
Cessna FA150M
Cessna FA152
Cessna FR172E
Cessna FR172F
Cessna FR172G
Cessna FR172H
Cessna FR172J
Cessna FR172K
Cessna FR182
Cessna FRA150L
Cessna FRA150M
Cessna FT337E
Cessna FT337F
Cessna FT337GP
Cessna FT337HP
Cessna M337B
Cessna P172D
Cessna P206
Cessna P206A
Cessna P206B
Cessna P206C
Cessna P206D
Cessna P206E
Cessna P210N
Cessna P210R
Cessna P337H
Cessna R172E
Cessna R172F
Cessna R172G
Cessna R172H
Cessna R172J
Cessna R172K
Cessna R182
Cessna T182
Cessna T182T
Cessna T188C
Cessna T206H
Cessna T207
Cessna T207A
Cessna T210F
Cessna T210G
Cessna T210H
Cessna T210J
Cessna T210K
Cessna T210L
Cessna T210M
Cessna T210N
Cessna T210R
Cessna T303
Cessna T310P
Cessna T310Q
Cessna T310R
Cessna T337B
Cessna T337C
Cessna T337D
Cessna T337E
Cessna T337F
Cessna T337G
Cessna T337H
Cessna T337H-SP
Cessna TP206A
Cessna TP206B
Cessna TP206C
Cessna TP206D
Cessna TP206E
Cessna TR182
Cessna TU206A
Cessna TU206B
Cessna TU206C
Cessna TU206D
Cessna TU206E
Cessna TU206F
Cessna TU206G
Cessna U206
Cessna U206A
Cessna U206B
Cessna U206C
Cessna U206D
Cessna U206E
Cessna U206F
Cessna U206G

and this SAIB is to include the Regal Air 305B and 305E airplanes since we’ve been told this also applies to them

Cessna T206H Airworthiness Directive CE-09-11

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Cessna T206H Airworthiness Directive CE-09-11

link to full AD

Thielert Aircraft Engines bankrupcy only adds to the problem of high priced fuel

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

Rarely would you think that a bankrupcy of an engine manufacturer would worsen fuel crisis issues, but this one really could.  Ever since the Diamond DA-42 Twin Star details were released and then certified I have wished to own it. Not just a plane that burns as little as 11 gals/hr, but a TWIN ENGINE that burns that total between two engines.  Well the recent news of trouble by the manufacture of those engines really troubles me in a whole other way. Read AvWeb story