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FAA Correction to AD on Turbocharger turbine wheel on Continental and Lycoming Engines

Monday, January 14th, 2013

The FAA is correcting an airworthiness directive (AD) 2012-24-09 that published in the Federal Register. That AD applies to Lycoming Engines TSIO-540-AK1A, and Continental Motors, Inc. TSIO-360-MB, TSIO-360-SB, and TSIO-360-RB reciprocating engines, with certain Hartzell Engine Technologies (HET) turbochargers, model TA0411, part number 466642-0001; 466642-0002; 466642-0006; 466642-9001; 466642-9002; or 466642-9006, or with certain HET model TA0411 turbochargers overhauled or repaired since August 29, 2012. The Summary paragraph and the Applicability paragraph list an incorrect engine model for Lycoming Engines. This document corrects those errors. In all other respects, the original document remains the same.

DATES: This final rule is effective January 14, 2013. The effective date for AD 2012-24-09 (77 FR 72203, December 5, 2012) remains December 20, 2012.


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Revised Bulletin on Engine Lubricating Oils for Lycoming Engines

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

This Revised Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin NE-06-31R4 alerts you, owners and operators of Lycoming Engines (Lycoming) O-320-H, O-360-E, LO-360-E, TO-360-E, LTO-360-E series engines that three additional additized lubricating oils have been added to the list of oils approved as AMOCs to the requirements of airworthiness directive (AD) 80-04-03 R2, paragraph b.1.

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AD for Engine Lubricating Oils Lycoming Engines Textron Lycoming AVCO Corporation

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

This Airworthiness Directive NE-06-31R3 effects a lot of popular aircraft

NE-06-31R3 – Lycoming Engines – LO-360-E1A6D
NE-06-31R3 – Lycoming Engines – LO-360-E1AD
NE-06-31R3 – Lycoming Engines – LO-360-E1BD
NE-06-31R3 – Lycoming Engines – LO-360-E2AD
NE-06-31R3 – Lycoming Engines – LO-360-E2BD
NE-06-31R3 – Lycoming Engines – O-320-H1AD
NE-06-31R3 – Lycoming Engines – O-320-H1BD
NE-06-31R3 – Lycoming Engines – O-320-H2AD
NE-06-31R3 – Lycoming Engines – O-320-H2BD
NE-06-31R3 – Lycoming Engines – O-320-H3AD
NE-06-31R3 – Lycoming Engines – O-320-H3BD
NE-06-31R3 – Lycoming Engines – O-360-E1A6D
NE-06-31R3 – Lycoming Engines – O-360-E1AD
NE-06-31R3 – Lycoming Engines – O-360-E1BD
NE-06-31R3 – Lycoming Engines – O-360-E2AD
NE-06-31R3 – Lycoming Engines – O-360-E2BD
NE-06-31R3 – Textron Lycoming, AVCO Corporation – LTO-360-E1A6D
NE-06-31R3 – Textron Lycoming, AVCO Corporation – TO-360-E1A6D

Engines, Textron Lycoming, AVCO Corporation, NE 06 31R3


AD Logs at start in 2009

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

In an effort to keep the pilot community up to date about the latest in aircraft information we will do our best to efforts to update you here as to newly issued AD’s (Airworthiness Directives) for the following:

General Aviation Aircraft, Helicopters, Experimental Aircraft, Light Sport Aircraft and other Certified Aircraft including engines and propellers.

We are working to accurately get this feed from the FAA and hope to have it be beneficial to the pilot and aircraft owner/management community.  Please give us your feedback as we roll this out during January of 2009 and forward.