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AD on Power turbine disks for Pratt & Whitney PW206 and PW207 Engines

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

The FAA is adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) 2013-03-21 for certain serial number Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp. PW206B, PW206B2, PW206C, PW207C, PW207D, PW207D1, PW207D2, and PW207E turboshaft engines. This AD was prompted by the discovery that certain power turbine (PT) disks were made to specific heat codes that may not achieve the maximum in-service life. This AD requires re-identification of the PT disk to a part number (P/N) with a lower life limit. We are issuing this AD to prevent possible uncontained PT disk failure and loss of helicopter control.

DATES: This AD becomes effective March 26, 2013. The Director of the Federal Register approved the incorporation by reference of a certain publication listed in this AD as of March 26, 2013.

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AD on Propeller shafts for Pratt & Whitney PW118, PW119, PW120, PW121, PW123, PW124, PW125, PW126, and PW127 propellers

Monday, January 14th, 2013

The FAA is superseding an existing airworthiness directive (AD) 2012-26-08 for all Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp. (P&WC) PW118, PW118A, PW118B, PW119B, PW119C, PW120, PW120A, PW121, PW121A, PW123, PW123B, PW123C, PW123D, PW123E, PW123AF, PW124B, PW125B, PW126A, PW127, PW127E, PW127F, PW127G, and PW127M turboprop engines. That AD currently requires initial and repetitive inspections of certain serial numbers (S/Ns) of propeller shafts for cracks and removal from service if found cracked. This new AD requires the same actions, but requires removal from service of affected propeller shafts as mandatory terminating action to the repetitive inspections. This AD was prompted by reports of two propeller shafts found cracked at time of inspection during maintenance. They are issuing this AD to detect propeller shaft cracks, which could cause failure of the shaft, propeller release, and loss of control of the airplane.

DATES: This AD is effective February 15, 2013.

Propellers, PW119, PW120, PW121, PW123, PW124, PW125, PW126, PW127

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AD on PW4000 turbofan engines by Pratt & Whitney

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Airworthiness Directive 2011-25-09 on Pratt & Whitney Division (PW) PW4000 Series Turbofan Engines

The FAA is adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for certain PW4000 turbofan engines. This AD was prompted by an updated low-cycle fatigue (LCF) life analysis performed by PW. This AD requires removing certain part number (P/N) high-pressure turbine (HPT) stage 1 and HPT stage 2 airseals and HPT stage 1 airseal rings before their published life limit and establishes a new lower life limit for these parts. We are issuing this AD to prevent failure of these parts, which could lead to an uncontained engine failure and damage to the airplane.

DATES: This AD is effective January 10, 2012.

Below is a list of Engines

2011-25-09 – Engine/Pratt & Whitney Division/PW4050 2011-25-09 – Engine/Pratt & Whitney Division/PW4052 2011-25-09 – Engine/Pratt & Whitney Division/PW4056 2011-25-09 – Engine/Pratt & Whitney Division/PW4060 2011-25-09 – Engine/Pratt & Whitney Division/PW4060A 2011-25-09 – Engine/Pratt & Whitney Division/PW4060C 2011-25-09 – Engine/Pratt & Whitney Division/PW4062 2011-25-09 – Engine/Pratt & Whitney Division/PW4062A 2011-25-09 – Engine/Pratt & Whitney Division/PW4152 2011-25-09 – Engine/Pratt & Whitney Division/PW4156 2011-25-09 – Engine/Pratt & Whitney Division/PW4156A 2011-25-09 – Engine/Pratt & Whitney Division/PW4158 2011-25-09 – Engine/Pratt & Whitney Division/PW4160 2011-25-09 – Engine/Pratt & Whitney Division/PW4164 2011-25-09 – Engine/Pratt & Whitney Division/PW4164C 2011-25-09 – Engine/Pratt & Whitney Division/PW4164C/B 2011-25-09 – Engine/Pratt & Whitney Division/PW4168 2011-25-09 – Engine/Pratt & Whitney Division/PW4168A 2011-25-09 – Engine/Pratt & Whitney Division/PW4460 2011-25-09 – Engine/Pratt & Whitney Division/PW4462 2011-25-09 – Engine/Pratt & Whitney Division/PW4650

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FAA Correction on AD for Pratt & Whitney PW305 Engines

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

FAA Correction on Impeller Failure AD 2010-24-05 for Pratt & Whitney PW305A and PW305B Engines

pdf icon2010-24-05_correction.pdf

Pratt & Whitney High-pressure compressor AD

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

2009-14-05 – Pratt & Whitney Division – PW2037
2009-14-05 – Pratt & Whitney Division – PW2037M
2009-14-05 – Pratt & Whitney Division – PW2040

AD 2009-14-05.pdf