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Chicago Hates General Aviation? Say it isn’t so…

Friday, May 30th, 2008

Well Chicago is at it again, several years after Mayor Daley lost his fight to close Meigs Field (2001) and he came in the middle of the night and destroyed it (along with Senator Obamas wife) in 2003, then got sued by the FAA and the city had to pay up, Chicago is now showing no love again for GA. 

The Chicago Tribune is attacking General Aviation touting user fees. Thanks to our friends at AOPA and Phil Boyer we are getting our side heard.  We already lost a beautiful and very convenient airport for General Aviation what more do we need…

User Fees stayed out of the FAA Reauthorization Bill

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

Well if you use Jet-A you still get to pay more! Thanks to the current issues the FAA is facing it helped keep User fees and further cost out of our pockets some of general aviation.  Although a 65% rise in fuel tax per gallon from 21.8 cents to 36 cents that still seems kinda steep costing more than $142 per average Jet fill up.

See AvWeb Article

Commercial Airline Hell & User Fees

Friday, August 24th, 2007

Well I should have started awhile ago but here is the blog for and it really has nothing to do with general aviation just flying in general. So I am on the way back from a business trip in

Yeah the flat reality of the airlines a major transportation backbone of our society is like the rest of here in the real world and they are figuring out hey you gotta make tough decisions cut costs and yes sometimes you need to expand service levels, equipment and personnel and you need capital to do it. So unlike most of us who are not “major back bone of society’s transportation we can’t whine to the government and get them to consider subsidies or other things to help us out like they can, well I digress.

I elected not to rent a 172 at $107/hr (because it is too slow for a cross country of 1000 miles) and hey that is why I sold my Cherokee 6, because I wanted something faster. So I was going to for go the possible 10+ hours in the saddle not considering weather or winds and elect the “reliable bus of the commercial airlines” in only 5 hrs with a plane change, but hey at least I could relax right

Well it has now been 13 hours since I started this journey, 3 canceled flights two missed flights and so far a 2 hour delay on my last one that 10 hour trip in 172 (with an autopilot) doesn’t seem so bad even if I did have to avoid some T-storms at least I get to log the hours and control my own destiny.